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Hitachiin Hikaru (AU)
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Character: Hitachiin Hikaru
Series/Fandom: Ouran High School Host Club
Original or Alternate: Alternate

Age: 16 17
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Sexuality: Bisexual/Very Selective

Kaoru - [cunning_bond]
Midna - [snarky_twilight]
Kimblee - [thingsgo_boom]
Training Division: Mechanical: Machinery
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Appearance: Hikaru has light brown/red hair and gold eyes, a usually mischievous look on his face. He is tall and lean, and is usually seen in his high school uniform of a violet blazer, back pants, and white shirt.

Personality: Hikaru is mischiveous, first and foremost; even classified as the "Little Devil" type in the Host club along with his brother Kaoru. The two of them like to manipulate others for their own amusement, making a game of it. They are easily bored, as most things hold little interest for them for a long period of time.

Growing up, Hikaru and Kaoru saw the world in terms of "us" and "those apart from us", mainly because when they were younger no one could tell them apart, and therefore they grew up with the feeling that it was the two of them against the world, and the two kept to themselves. When they joined the Host club in high school, they started to open up, and finally accepted someone into their world when they met Haruhi, the first person capable of distinguishing each as an individual (though when she explained their differences, she said that Hikaru was "mean".)

What differentiates Hikaru from Kaoru is that Hikaru is the more immature of the pair; emotionally Kaoru is ahead of his twin. Hikaru is more insecure and dependant on his brother, even though he is the leader of the pair, and is less emotionally aware.

Abilities/Strengths: In terms of the host club, Hikaru's "weapon" is his questionable relationship with Kaoru, playing up on their brotherly love and driving their customers wild with suggestive gestures and words. But in terms of actual weapons or abilities that would be useful in war, perhaps it is their ability to manipulate others into entertaining themselves.

Of the twins, Hikaru enjoys physics and mathematics more. He is athletic and fit, and enjoys physical tasks occasionally. He gets easily bored, however, so things like that don't entertain him for long.

Weaknesses: Hikaru's main weakness is his dependance on his brother Kaoru. While Hikaru is the older and "meaner" one, Kaoru is more emotionally mature and Hikaru seems the more dependant of the two. Whenever Kaoru gets hurt, he is very concerned, but only shows this worry to his twin. When he and Kaoru had their first fight and Kaoru refused to apologize to Hikaru, it was Hikaru who felt more sorrow at losing his brother (mainly because he did not understand why his twin wouldn't want to continue their relationship the way it's been for the past sixteen years.)

Notable Possessions: Well, he calls those who entertain him and Kaoru "toys"...but other than his so-called toys, none.
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History:Hikaru is the older twin brother of Kaoru, and they were born into the Hitachiin family, who are well-off. For the longest time, Hikaru and Kaoru, being identical twins and very close, lived in a world of their own, with the idea that it's "us" versus everyone else. This developed because no one was able to tell them apart and treated the brothers as interchangable, as though they were basically the same person and not individuals.

When they entered high school, they were invited to join the school's host club by Tamaki, and there they play off their close relationship with slight shows of incest between them, usually with Kaoru playing the part of the submissive one. During these "moments", they will allude to the night before, pretending as though something sexual happened between them (though it is no lie that they share a bed some nights).

Still, they remained separated from the rest of the world until they met Haruhi, the first person able to tell the twins apart. Unfortunately, the way she explains the difference leads to the very first fight between Hikaru and Kaoru. At first it was a way for them to manipulate Haruhi into letting them visit her at her home, but when the time came to give up the charade, Hikaru discovered that Kaoru's words were real, that he did resent being mistaken for his brother, and that he wanted to stop the brotherly love act. Hikaru was desolte when Kaoru told him this, but tried not to show it by being even more mischievous and immature without his brother by his side. But it's not the same, and secretly Hikaru longs to make up with Kaoru.
♪ Don't you miss the love that we had? ♪
Kaoru [cunning_bond]- Twin and lover; most important person to him

Tonks [changingvisions]- Someone he finds amusing

Sirius [nosonofyours]- Bored magic dude; fellow prankster

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